Upcoming Auction Ends August 1

Mahalo for visiting!  Services we offer:

1. Auction Services

    We will hold an online auction to sell your items. This could include just a few select items, or the contents of an entire house or business. 


2. On Property Estate Sale

    We will conduct an Estate sale or Liquidation at the property. We will inventory, research, price and stage the sale.  After the sale, after the sale we remove all debris to trash or donate, as decided by you

in the contract        

3. Estate Buy Out

    As a quicker option, we can buy either some or the entire estate or business inventory.  

4. Estate Clean Out Service/Trash removal 

   We will completely remove all items from the property, including trash and clutter.  We can do this cheaper than many others, because we see value where others see only trash!  We will credit that value towards the cost of your clean out. 


Tired of paying for storage?

We can also liquidate storage units and lockers!!

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